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The Beginning feat. Great Enthusiasm

Hi there, glad to see you! You are at the very beginning of this blog...

I started creating this blog a few months back and it has been on my mind for much longer. It's not ready yet and I'd appreciate your feedback, but yeaterday was so brilliant and inspiring, that I though what the heck, lets publish the first post.

Something magical happened yesterday. The most official non-official Sims forum in Finland, Radola, had a small meeting. The first stop was EA tracktwenty, EA's Finnish studio in Helsinki. A dream come true. I also met the half god admin of the forum, rado, after a ten year distant worship. She was wonderfull!

EA tracktwenty was established in 2012 and the studio is behind the SimCity series mobile version SimCity BuildIt. The name of te studio comes from it's location, next to Railway Station and it's last track number 19. We met the Creative Director Petri Ikonen, who introduced us the office, the studio and SimCity BuildIt. We were told that there was some new product in making in the back of the office...

We were also offered good pizza, salads and soda, and on the table there were a pile of The Sims 4 games. They were so fast gone I don't even know what was in there, but there were some left for me too. I got the base game and the Get to Work EP. You can guess how exited I was. Little do they know much this gesture may affect my life and their game sales! xD I haven't even used my 48 hour free try of the game, because I was saving it for a time I could really spend 48 hours playing... Which is never happening. After visiting the tracktwenty studio we spent time sitting and chatting in a restaurant and playd the games rado made for us, with prizes of course. The evening was sponsored by EA's Swedish studio DICE. We got the idea to visit them the next time ;)

So here I am, getting ready to instal the game. Eek! At the meanwhile I'm downloading Dungeon Keeper from Origin as a free offer. I still can't believe I was at EA's studio, got The Sims 4 and met rado the tipu (and enjoyed an evening on EA Sweden) the same day! Happy ^^ Kiitos EA!

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